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Notes, whiteboarding, todos, and a daily planner in one simple tool.

Spatial Note-taking

think outside the docs

Traditional text docs are great for writing, but thinking requires something more. Introducing the Surface – a new type of document that combines the power of a text editor with the flexibility of a whiteboard for better brainstorming, enhanced memory, intuitive organization, and workflows you simply can’t do elsewhere.

Infinite Canvas

The power of a text editor with the flexibility of a freeform design tool. Clover combines the best of productivity and creativity tools.

Robust Text

Markdown formatting, code blocks with syntax highlighting, inline task features, slash inserter, dynamic references, and much more.


Add wireframes, notations, and sketches right on top of your notes. Create diagrams and flow maps with Smart Lines, which attach to objects.


Draw frames around important areas of your Surface. Hit play to present your frames as a slideshow.

Rich Media

Clover is built on web tech, so you can embed and interact with just about anything you find on the internet: YouTube, Figma, SoundCloud, and more.


Network your ideas together. Link to other pages or deep link to specific blocks and Clover will automatically add backlinks to connect the pages.

Gosh, I love @cloverappco! It’s the perfect app for planning & working because of its Surface (non-linear) pages.
Sara Soueidan

Making Ideas Real

from spark
to finish

Most notebooks are where ideas go to die, but Clover was designed to help you bring your ideas to life. It’s more than a great note-taking tool. It’s also a todo list and daily planner. Manage your work from beginning to end with a single tool.

Manage Projects

Inline tasks make it simple and intuitive to manage projects large and small. Add due dates, color-coding, and status all alongside your notes.

Build Habits

Clover’s Daily Notes feature encourages daily planning, journaling, and task completion with due dates and automatic rollover.

I’m absolutely obsessed with @cloverappco. A completely flexible cloud workspace, a wild freeform canvas, a mashed-up organizer, a supremely effective workflow visualiser…
Owen Williams

Fast. Simple. Smart.

stay in flow

Ideas can strike at any moment, but you shouldn’t have to drop what you’re doing every time one pops up. Clover’s Quick Note dialog lets you record a note or task from anywhere, and then disappears so you can get back to work. You can even tell it what day you’d like the note added to using plain language (eg, “next tuesday” or “Aug 8”).

Clover has not only become the central place for all my notes and todos, it’s also become my go-to space when I need to think and work on complex problems. It’s crazy fast, and I love how it’s helping me organize my thoughts in a visual way.
Steven Fabre

Fully Customizable

as colorful as your imagination

Personalize your workspace with Clover’s intuitive styling engine. Not just light and dark mode. You can completely customize the theme and Clover will help ensure contrast and legibility.

available on web, desktop, and iOS

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